What are the management regulations of the laboratory?
In order to standardize laboratory management and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of laboratory test results, these regulations are formulated in accordance with XX Company's "Laboratory Functions" and the company's actual conditions.

All inspection and measuring instruments put into use must be verified and calibrated according to relevant national technical specifications or standards before use. Only instruments that have been verified and calibrated can be put into use. In the event of a malfunction of the detection instrument, it is forbidden to disassemble the instrument at will and repair it by yourself, as it will be repaired by professionals or sent out for repair.

The testing equipment should be kept level and tidy when placed, and should be returned in time after use.

Regularly maintain and maintain the testing equipment, such as lubricating oil, cleaning up debris, dirt, and dust in the instrument, and putting a protective cover on or putting it in a protective box, etc.

It is necessary to protect the national standards, relevant technical specifications, and operating procedures of various instruments for various project indicators; after reading, organize them and return them to their original places and archive them in a unified manner.

The testing personnel must be trained and qualified to obtain the job certificate before they can operate the instruments. Other personnel are not allowed to operate the instruments at will before they are on the job without the training or written permission, otherwise they shall be fully responsible for all the consequences caused by them.

Operators should strictly follow various instrument operating procedures or manuals and precautions to prevent illegal operations, and not arbitrarily adjust the accuracy of the calibrated testing instrument.

After the sample is tested, the test data and results shall be issued in time in accordance with relevant technical specifications or standard requirements and procedures, and the data and results shall be accurate, objective, and truthful.

The test samples and the samples after the test are stored in an orderly manner, so that when necessary, the source or the test objects are provided as evidence for use only.

Protect the confidentiality and intellectual property rights of the tested samples and related materials, and strictly abide by the company's various rules and regulations and professional ethics.
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