Established in 1988,and after more than 30 years of development and technical accumulation,
Wenzhou Darong Textile instrument Co.,Ltd. has gathered more than 100 of experienced and well-qualified professional technicians. 

Our company affiliates a light aging R&D room and a mechanical measurement R&D room and a heat transfer R&D room
and a combustion laboratory and an artificial climate room and a electromagnetic radiation R&D room and a textile testing laboratory tec.

We also have gained more than 100 national patents who is a leading drafter on 4 national standards and 2 industry standards.
We are main drafter on other 70 national standards and industrial standards as well.
We supply more than 300 types of testing equipment including textile or non-woven properties including material strength,

color fastness, shrinkage, breathable, warmth, electrostatic, flame retardant, wear resistance,
pilling and so on which conform to GB, FZ, ISO, ASTM, AATCC, BS, EN, DIN, JIS and other standards.


DARONG has established long-term cooperative relations with many institutions such as China Textile Inspection Bureau and Guangzhou Inspection Group and Hangzhou Customs and China Textile Institute and Donghua University and Wenzhou University and so on. More than 80,000 textile testing laboratories including Quality Inspection and Commodity Inspection and Scientific research institutes are using a complete set of testing equipment.

Our products have been exported to other countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Germany, Australia, taly etc.

Our company has fixed assets of more than 100 million RMB so far. The facility is more than 20,000 square meters. The annual sales is more than 200 million RMB. We have become a company with longest history engaged in research and development and production and sales and service. We are both AATCC and AS TM member enterprises.

Our company has been officially awarded many honors including Leading company on Technological Innovation and A Key Enterprise and Advanced company and a certified company of Made in Zhejiang and National high-tech enterprise and provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center and National textile instrument technical R&D center and National Award on textile standardization. National high-tech company specialized in its industry.

We also have set up representative offices in many cities such as Beijing and Shenyang and Jinan and Qingdao and Suzhou and Nantong ang Foshan and Dongguan and Quanzhou and Hangzhou and Shaoxing and Jiaxing and Ningbo and so on. Which guarantee you using our machines without any worries.

  • 1988Year
  • 200million
    Sales volume
  • 20k+
    Manufacturing base
  • 100+
    national patent
  • 70+
    National and industrial standards


Enterprise idea

  • 01
    Business philosophy Molded brand integrity, create force cohesion, competing to win the market, innovation and development
  • 02
    Enterprise purpose Integrity, responsibility for the first we create a worthy customers trusted advisers, and continue to maintain industry leading position; we abide by its commitments, partner's commitment, commitment to colleagues, standing in the fair and objective stance to evaluate the parties intend; we want for textile equipment industry industrialization, the value for customers maximum for staff development, make great efforts to
  • 03
    Enterprise strategy Focus on professional, pay attention to the accumulation of our enthusiasm patience, be consistent from beginning to end; for customers, partners and new technologies are enthusiastic; we continue to study and to enrich the professional knowledge, provide customers beyond the imagination of the equipment design services; our pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, through continuous learning and the accumulation of experience, as for the industry experts。
  • 04
    Spirit of enterprise Create value innovation, we will never be complacent, learn widely from others' strong points, rapid response, advancing with the times; we can see the change of the industry and make it become our advantage; we continually provide customers with the operational needs of the new products for customers, create value for customers.